Take a look back on 1st year

We marked the 1st anniversary in 22th of April 2018, and we had a 1st anniversary party at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA. The theme was “Food and Trip”.



Hello everyone, this is WOHS staff Sue.
It is lovely that the weather is getting warmer in Tokyo!
Have you decided where to go during the golden week? I am thinking...um..some beautiful island...
Seems difficult for me to get somewhere far so I'll just go to Hakone Yumoto..(haha)
You guys please go ahead to shake off your stress on some gorgeous sea island!!

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On Saturday 21st April, we had our themed one-year anniversary party "Food & Travel" in WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA.
On the day, there were plenty of international dishes such as Farafel from Middle East, Gyros from Greek and other exquisite Asian food like Phad Thai and Mabo Tofu. There were body painting corner, amazing music live of guitar with traditional Japanese Koto as well as some great DJ music to end the day. It was killer!!
Thank you so much to those who came and stayed on the day. It would not be as fabulous as it was without you.

Time flies and I can't believe it's already one year since the grand open of this hostel in April last year. There were too many lovely memories since then.
Today I'll tell you one of those stories.
It was before the grand open, staff Yu and I were trying to assemble some storage shelves. According to the instruction, we finished the first one and were trying to move it into storage room. Then guess what?! We didn't even notice the door of the storage room was smaller than the size of that shelf!! Then we tried one more time and there was some really weird sound "gagagaga" when we tilted the shelf and were still trying so hard to get it into the room... Even now I can still remember that moment.
Finally we had to take apart that shelf and reassemble it again in the room. You can still see that scratch on the door and it reminds me that the most important thing is to find the right way to do certain things. So sorry to our manager...

There are frustration as well as annoyance during the work but it would not be a problem at all only because we have such energetic and lovely staffs. We work as a team and love to welcome guests from all over the world.
"If you want to make your customer satisfied, you have to improve satisfaction of employee first." Happiness is contagious and we would not be happier if we could make our guests feel the same feeling as we do.

WOHS is entering its second year!!
Einstein once said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Life is like a bicycle and you have to keep running it in order to avoid falling. There would definitely be lots of lovely encounters as well as dramatic moments in the second year but we will spare no effort to make this hostel an unforgettable place for travelers around the world.
Best wishes for our second year!

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