Announcement of Business Resumption


WISE OWL HOSTELS, that has suspended its business from April, 2020, is going to re-start its business at all branches, TOKYO, SHIBUYA, and KYOTO, as of having a concept “Long Term Stay-able” hostel. Moreover, you can take the advantage of “GoTo Travel Campaign”.

During the recent difficult period of time caused by the new type of virus, people had to leave Tokyo or major cities in Japan where stimulating and giving opportunities to people. This is why we WISE OWL HOSTELS starts the new business concept that gives an opportunity to live in the cities.

Long term stay plan starts with its lowest fee, 24,000 JPY/month. Not only Dormitory, we have private room as well. At the minimum cost, you can live in the center of a major city.

(↑ Twin Bunk-bed Room at KYOTO hostel. The hostel is 5 minutes away from Kyoto St. and has a variety of private rooms, suitable for remote-working.  )

“Stay at a city” to “Stick around a city”.

Special discount for active challengers, “Activity Support Plan” as well as “GoTo Travel Campaign”.

WISE OWL HOSTELS gives a special offer to those who work or challenge their dreams such an actor, comedian, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and so on. To give the offer, we will have interview either in person or online to see if interviewee is passionate or not. It is time to re-start to pursuit your dreams.

(↑ A painter working in Japan. Get a working base for your artistic activities)

Waken up your talents and feats, live at the center of city to get opportunities.
Be WISE as an OWL, live smartly at the central city home.

We start again as like you start pursuing your dreams.

(↑ Double-bed Room in TOKYO hostel. Private rooms are so popular that you will miss if you hesitate.   )

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