Pop Up Bar by “and recipe” bar

Pop-up events hosted by “and recipe” at WOHS with the concept of connecting people through food.



“and recipe” hosted two events on April 12th and 17th at the hostel lounge.
Chef Yamada from “and recipe” who supervised food products for BALMUDA and MUJI, and also published his own recipe book, has exact same motto as WOHS; concept of food and travel, connecting people through food. This similarity encouraged us to work together to chase our dreams.

1st Pop-Up Event: Spring dumplings Festa

Pan-cooked and boiled dumplings made of special springy wrapping by Chef Yamada, cilantro salad and lemon sour.

2nd Pop Up Event: Deep fried chicken Night

Deep fried chicken, lemon sour and special lemon and grapefruit sour.

Fans of “and recipe”, guests from all over the world, people from neighborhood, all joined for the event, enjoyed good food, good drinks, made new friends, and made wonderful memories. Good vibes!

Next event coming up on April 27th Friday! Check our Facebook page for further details!
“and recipe” Facebook page

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