April 21st 10am~ One-year anniversary event!

For all those who wish to travel. Come join us on this special day and enjoy with our international guests along with food, drinks and music from all over the world.



Let's go on a Journey in WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (WOHS)!

Already one year since opening! For all those people who visited us and made wonderful memories, we would like to invite all of you to join us on this special day.
Various activities not just for kids but for all ages, such as free festive stalls, Japanese sake tasting corner, live performances by artists of different genres.
Free tour of the hostel rooms for the visitors.


●10:00~18:00 WISE OWL CAFE
Special blend coffee, muffin and cookies from the popular cafe “Obscura Coffee” in Sangenjaya.

●11:00~17:00 Food Truck 「VAMOS!」
Various amazing dishes on a special food truck by the chef who has traveled around 77 countries in 3 years. Beers and cocktails from different countries.

●17:00~22:00 Kibe Bistro
Bistro chef Kibe specialized in Thai and traditional Japanese cuisine.

●17:00~23:00 BAR HOWL
Alcohol from all over the world.

●14:00~ First come first serve
Japanese sake tasting corner by Ozawa Sake Brewery in Ome, Tokyo.
Sawanoi One Cup (sake) for sale as we


● 11:00~15:00
Relaxation corner
Massage specialists that massage depending on person’s fatigue level, pressing on pressure points.

Fake tattoo art using airbrush learned in Paris by Global Beauty Artist, TADASHI Henna tattoo by Marin.

Colorful festive vibes such as cotton candy, etc.


● 1st 16:00~17:00 2nd 20:00~21:00
Live performance by a guitarist from Kyoto, Atsumi Yukihiro and a Japanese harpist, Kakinokihara Kou.

Special DJ night by DJ YARZ (HIP HOP, REGGAE, etc)

DJ TOMOHIRO and DJ HOKUTO from SOUNDS & BAR HOWL (House, Techno, etc)

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