What is a Hostel?

Difference between hostel and hotel? Difference between hostel and capsule hotel? Opinions of staff regarding the differences.



Myself, Sue, will report on hostel from my point of view as a staff working at the hostel. This blog will mainly focus on introducing and promoting Wise Owl Hostels Shibuya.

First things first; do you know the differences between a hostel and a hotel?
Honestly, I didn’t even know the existence of hostels before I started working here. Before heading to this job’s interview, I did a quick research about hostels. When asked about my image of a hostel, I confidently (nervously? lol) answered “Hostel is a place where backpackers from around the world stay and meet up with like-minded people.”
It has almost been a year since I started working and I think I wasn’t wrong. But still I searched on Wikipedia to for further information regarding hostels.
Hostels are low-budget accommodation for young travelers. According to Wikipedia, the history of hostels dates back to 1909, when an elementary teacher in Germany was taking his students on a long distance walk and heavy rain started to fall. Having a hard time looking for an instant and cheap accommodation, he came up with the idea of hostels.
Hostels started opening up worldwide since then, and began to be known as “youth hostels,” especially in Japan.
Usually we would call it “hostel” instead of “youth hostel,” but if you search “hostel” on Wikipedia in Japanese, only the movie called Hostel would pop up; which makes it harder for the Japanese people to know more about hostels.
Since our target at this hostel is not just the youth, we are not registered with the Youth Hostel Organization.
The motto of our hostel is “No Time For Sleep,” hnce it naturally implements the factor of enjoying the nightlife, which in a way also implements that this hostel is more for are over 18 years old. (Please check the terms and conditions for further details)
Let’s talk about the differences between hostels and hotels. The biggest difference that stands out would definitely be the low prices of hostels compared to the hotels. Secondly, how hostels differ from hotels is the rooms. A hotel has private rooms for their guests, while hostels have dormitories (bunk beds in most cases) and guests share the room as well as other facilities like toilets and showers with a number of people.
We are very particular about the beds in our dormitories and also, we highly care about the privacy of our guests. The bunk walls are made out of wood giving the guests a private room feeling, comfortable mattresses from Simmons, and thick curtains around the bunks to allow no light or visibility from outside.
Finally, the part I really wanted to talk about!
What I find most fascinating about hostels is the fact that like-minded people gather at one spot which makes it easier to connect with each other.
Hostels usually have a common space where all the guests can sit down and get to know each other. Tens and hundreds of guests from worldwide come to the hostel each day, and once they enter the doors of the hostel, their nationality, race, religion, color, or language doesn’t matter. What matters is the similar adventure loving background they all share and the next adventure they would go on with other fellow guests.
Most of the solo travelers do group up with other guests and explore the city. Since the atmosphere of the hostels makes it easier for everybody to communicate, the guests don’t always hangout just with other guests, but also with the hostel staff.
As I mentioned earlier, it has almost been a year since I started working at the hostel, I wrote this blog off of my experiences and also from a little bit of research on the internet (I hope it all made sense LOL).
You never stop learning in life. It has been a great one year in this hostel. I meet new people each day; each day I learn something new and I’m sure I’ll keep learning more and more from now on as well.
I hope this blog helped you learn more about WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to drop by at the hostel anytime and ask us questions.

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