”Magical Moments”



It was at that magical moment that I realized, how the people at WISE OWL HOSTELS Shibuya bond with each other regardless of their differences and language barriers.
This is the story of a young Japanese office worker who was in Tokyo for work and staying at the hostel.

Guest: “My friend recommended me to stay at a hostel. But I don’t speak any English. I can’t talk to other guests…”
Opportunities to encounter travelers in his hometown are close to zero, according to him. So it seemed like a wise choice to stay at the hostel in Tokyo. But there was another hurdle waiting for him; his lack of English speaking skills. Hence, sitting in the corner sipping on his beer alone.
With majority of the guests at this hostel being foreigners and the fact that most of them speak English, it makes it possible for everyone to communicate. As English is becoming more and more common, non-English speakers often find it challenging to fit in.
However, as a hostel, it is our duty to make a comfortable atmosphere for all, whether they speak English or not. “Let’s talk to other guests together!” I proposed.
Out of the blue an Australian guest approached us,“hey you guys wanna join?”
That was the turning point. The Japanese guest conversed through Google translate as the Australian guest asked questions in simple English. Drinking and talking, the group gradually grew from 3 people to 10 people.
Communication may be hard for people who do not speak each other’s languages, finding the perfect ice-breaker isn’t easy. But these encounters would not be possible or as memorable if those factors were not present.

“What you need is not a mediocre
It should be a good, short sleep
From an exhausting, enriched experience
No time to sleep
Experience Tokyo
Whether night or day, heighten your sensibilities
That is how a journey should be”

That is the concept this hostel is based on. Every traveler has their own unique way of exploring; our job is to provide the best to facilitate each traveler. Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner. People from all over the world will be visiting Shibuya, and definitely turn it into a city that never sleeps. Using the Olympics as a golden opportunity to encounter new people, WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA could make the perfect spot.
Our hostel strives for the best to make our guests feel comfortable ad at home. Our multilingual staff consists of Japanese and English speakers, as well as Korean and French speakers.
Also, we organize weekly meet-up events for the guests and the local community to mingle. Other events hosted at the hostel are posted on our website and SNS. Please give us a follow to stay updated on our upcoming events.
We all look forward to see you at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA!

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