Shimo Kitazawa, just 5 minutes’ train ride from WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA



Shimo Kitazawa is a popular spot located in a very accessible area from main areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku. Connected with two train lines (Odakyu Line and Keio Inokashira Line), it only takes 8 minutes to Shinjuku and 5 minutes to Shibuya.
From the front end of the Inokashira line platform, you can see the Shinjuku Docomo Tower, and at night, you can feel the liveliness of the city with all the lights lit on the tower. When I left my countryside hometown for Tokyo 4 years ago, my grandfather laughed and told me, “don’t look up when walking around, or people will think of you as a country boy.” And I think I did exactly the same thing. Looking up at the tall buildings while strolling the streets. Everything about this city struck me hard; the amount of people, the complicated Shinjuku Station, the crowded trains, it all made me go back home. Shimo Kitazawa was the place that made me comfortable.
A simple town with hipster vibes, full of vintage stores, record stores, cafes and what have you. With a number of small theaters and live houses, you see young people with musical instruments around the area chasing their dreams.
Unlike the rest of Tokyo, Shimo Kitazawa has its own uniqueness.
If you are into the hipster culture, vintage clothes, or an artist pursuing your dreams, Shimo Kitazawa may be the spot for you.

Directions from WOHS: Shinsen station, Keio Inokashira line platform 1.
5mins train ride (3 stops)

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