-The man”DON JULIO” -

We have a Meet up×Mexican night party!!



The cheerful man is coming back to WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA. He is “DON JULIO”. He, who came from Mexico, is so cheerful and friendly. At first, all of us think “Who is this guy.”
He’s a friend of one of our hostel staffs. Somehow he’s started working here as if he is actually working since he feels comfortable here and everyone reconises him as one of our staffs.
He’s got superhuman power.
We’re not sure if this is one of Mexicans features, but we can’t hate him and he’s really easy to get along.
Besides, he is good at cooking and he organised a couple of Mexican events before already and we were surpised how good his food was.
And this is the 3rd event he will hold. This time we will celebrate the independence of Mexico and he will serve 2 kinds of Tacos.

[Tacos Dorados]
Tacos dorados means “Fried Tacos”.
The vegetables and meat are put between the tortillas.
This Tacos is a staple dish for a picnic and a party because we can eat that as we eat snacks.
Also we can see this Tacos in food stand.
Mexican people frequently have this Tacos on the independence day of Mexico.

Tostadas is many favorite ingredients and fresh vegetables on fried tortillas.
This dish is also eaten by Mexican people on the independence day of Mexico.

And this event, Don Julio will hold the band live with his brother.
We have so many events which are Mexican food, Mexican Rock music and meet up party.
We look forward to seeing you on 15thSep.

The date: 15/09/2018
Time: 19:00~
*We have draft beer, whiskey and soda, wine, some bottle of beer and soft drink.
*Cash only

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