Curry & Namako

Namako Sensei Coming Back with Curry!



A survey conducted amongmothers of elementary school students was posted on a gourmet website gurunavi. Same question was asked to the mothers of the kids born in the Showa period and Heisei period; “what is your child’s favorite food?”
And the most popular answer was CURRY!

I remember back in elementary school I would always look forward to the lunch time. Especially on days when they would serve curry for lunch, the aromas would fill the entire school; and from 4th period on, all I could think of was curry. Everyone wanted refills so the kitchen staff would usually be stingy on the volume.
Growing up I have always liked curry. Actually I have never met any person that hates curry. They might have preferences about the level of spiciness but I have yet to meet anyone who says that they hate curry.

When did you last have delicious curry?

If you do not recall the last time you had the wonderful feeling of eating curry, come to WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA.The one and only Namako Sensei will be preparing amazing curry at the hostel!
This time Namako Sensei will be collaborating with a spice researcher, Kaori Toi. She is a specialist on spices whose book on spices sold out on Amazon within a week of publication.

Kaori Toi was born to a family that owned a restaurant in Saitama prefecture. With interests in food from the early age, she went to Sophia University and Kagawa Nutrition University. She learned about foreign food culture and went on to work at food products company.But, just two months before she started working, she faced a horrible left knee injury during heavy snowfall; resulting in an emergency surgery. Having asthma, the doctors warned her about the possible death situation due to the after-effects of the medication.One day she accidently came across a manga Spice and Medicine. Hearing that the medicines were of no use for her, she decided to try her luck through nutrition based on spices to cure her body.She began to spread the amazingness of the spices which for some had a negative image because of the spiciness.Till now she has been holding about 10 events each month. These events include cooking classes, lessons on spices at community centers, medicated wine; and also she sells some original spices in the Kansai region.For all those who may have forgotten the wonderful feeling of the spiciness, make sure to come to WOHS on 9/16.

Time: 12:00~

※There will be 4-5 types of curries along with starters and salad.
Big variety of alcohol from beer to highball, wine to mojito available (soft drinks also available)
※Cash only

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