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Hot summer days have returned after a number of typhoons. Don’t you want a cold beer to cool yourself down on hot days like this? (or is it just me?)
At WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (WOHS), we have around 25 different types of local and international beers. Japanese beers include the well-known Kirin or Asahi, as well as craft beers like Hitachino Nest Beer or Koedo. In our international beer collection, we have perfect beers for summer like Corona, and also refreshing Asian beers like Tsingtao or Singha.
What comes to your mind when you think of Japanese beers? Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Yebisu, right? Since most of our guests come from different parts of the world, we thought why not check the beer rankings according to our guests. So here are the top 4 on the list! (based on the sales)

4. Yebisu
Maybe it is not as well-known as the other 3 on the list, but Yebisu made it to number 4. It has a long history of 120 years and has been loved by the local community. Just one station away from Shibuya, is the Yebisu Beer Museum. At this museum you can learn about the history of the Yebisu beer, taste different types of beers, buy Yebisu original goods and get food that goes perfect with the Yebisu beer at YEBIS BAR. It is highly recommended to visit if you run out of things to do in Shibuya.

3. Sapporo
Number 3 in the ranking is Hokkaido’s Sapporo Black Label; with breweries, not only in Japan, but also in the United States, Canada and Vietnam. Oh, if I think about it, back when I used to live in Toronto, Canada, you could see IZAKAYA in many places around downtown. Every IZAKAYA definitely had Sapporo beer. So I thought you could get Sapporo anywhere. But according one of our staffs, Gakuto (who lived in the UK for 4 years), Sapporo was not popular at all. In fact, it was a bit hard to find it. By the way, there will be an event in Shinjuku on September 2nd to enjoy Sapporo Black Label THE PERFECT BEER GARDEN 2018
So, why don’t you visit the event if you’re free???

2. Asahi
Number 2 in the ranking is Asahi Superdry, one of my favorites. The clean and dry taste has attracted many people for long time. Matsuda (who love drinking beers and has knowledge about it) has retuned back to this beer after he tried many other ones. If you visited Asahi’s website, you will see that they proudly advertise “Japanese No.1 Beer” on the website. We have not only the bottles on sale but also cold draft beer from the tap (during happy hour, 16-19, it’s only ¥300!). The headquarters is not that far, so why don’t you visit Asahi Beer Tower and Superdry Hall, by only one metro line, Ginza line, from Shibuya. The place is well known because of the symbolic object, the Golden ***t lol.

1. Kirinキリン
Number 1 in the ranking is Kirin!
They only use the first sweet wort during the process. Beer lovers prefer Kirin because of its thick and rich taste and it contains Umami a lot. Do you know the secret about the signature label? There is “Ki” ”Ri” ”N” in Japanese Katakana alphabet on the label. Would you like to check where they are? Then buy a bottle here and we will help you find them!

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