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Connecting books and people, Mori no Toshoshitsu (Forest Library)



Hey everyone, nice to meet you! This is Marie from WOHS and this time I will be taking over “Neighbor” section of WOHS NEWS page.
I hope to introduce as many fun interesting spots in Shibuya as possible.

Tokyo just entered the rainy season recently. How do you like to spend your rainy days? Me? It’s my 24th time in my life dealing with this rainy season, so it’s nothing exciting for me.
Instead, it has become annoying to the point that it is that one season which I do not want to exist! Probably if it were Gene Kelly in my place, he would be living his life to the fullest in this rain, but people like us, we do not want to catch cold.
So let me recommend a fun spot in Shibuya that you can possibly visit on a rainy day.
A hidden place on third floor of a building just 10 minutes on foot from WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA.
Guarded by a massive metal door and surrounded by books inside, is the Mori no Toshoshitsu.
Opened in 2014, it is not just a regular library. They sell drinks and food, but what makes this library stand out is that they serve alcohol, and food and drinks out of the fiction books!

The atmosphere and the food served really involves you into the fictional world, and also tempts you to read the genres which you would usually not choose.
The corner section of this library is the books’ collection of the members, sometimes with their personal notes and opinions in the books. It surely is fun to read your favorite book as a book lover but reading other people’s opinions on the same book could actually be a lot more fun and help you reevaluate the same story through a different perspective.
If you are muddled about your rainy day plans, I highly recommend you to check this library out. Sit back with a drink and read your favorite book while listening to relaxing music. I would probably drink to the point where the letters start fading away.....

Mori no Toshoshitsu
Entrance (non-members): 500yen, Free-refill drinks: 1,000yen
Location: Hagiwara bldg. 3rd floor, 5-3 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(10mins walk from WOHS/7mins walk from Shibuya Station)
Telephone: 03-6455-0629
Operation hours: Weekdays 12pm-5pm, 6pm-12am
Weekends/holidays 12pm-12am
Holidays: Irregular

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