WISE Usage of Time.

4,800 hours left till the end of 2018. How will you use these hours?



Content: Hey everyone! This is Sue from WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (WOHS)! Its already June, which means only 6 months left till 2019!
Just realized how fast time is flying so better use the remaining days of this year in a productive way.
How about you guys? You feel the same as me?
Are you using your time in a productive way?

As a hostel staff, I see all sorts of different people every day. Some people stay for 2 months and choose to chill in the lounge; some stay for a few nights and are always going places; some live for night life, while some people wake up super early to visit places.
Something I learned working at the hostel and talking to other people is “traveling changes people.”

Every guest has a different story to tell. Experiences they got along the way, foods they tried, people they met; everything adds to changing them. Being surrounded by those kind of people every day, it inspires me to go out and experience all those things for myself. Plus the fact that these people have all that time in their hand to travel around and enjoy life, makes me think that that might be the best way to live your life.

One of the guests from the United States (who quit his job to travel) told me “Japanese people work way too much!”
It made me so curious that I googled the average working hours right away and found out that Japan was on number 15, with Mexico and Korea being 1st and 2nd respectively.
Then why do people have an image that Japanese people have nothing to do in life except work?
Maybe it is because it is harder to get long holidays in Japanese companies, and also people tend to work on their computers while commuting and at homes on off days.
Considering those facts, it surely is a little hard to travel long term like the guests at our hostel.
“Nothing is going my way, I’m so stressed, I don’t know what to do with life?”

There are tens and hundreds of people who think this way. What better than forgetting all your stresses, pick up a backpack and go travel? It will definitely help you refresh your mind.
If you think that it’s impossible to just go traveling out of the blue, come to WOHS. Come talk to the travel-loving staff and our guests from around the globe who will share with you the beauty of traveling. By the time you leave the hostel, I’m sure you will be planning your trip already.


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