Public bath Bunka Yokusen in Ikejiri-Ohashi

Recommendation for rainy days!



It has been pretty hot these days and the rainy season just started as well. Let’s be honest here. “I love rainy season in Tokyo!” said no one ever. So what better thing to do on a rainy day than rejuvenating your body? That’s right, a nice hot bath at a traditional Japanese public bath house!
Not sure where the nearby public bath is? Bunka Yokusen is just 10 minutes away on foot from WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA

Opened in 1928, this public bath has a long history of 90 years. This bath house uses nano bubble bath which has various effects on body such as it helps weight-loss, esthetic, as well it helps with arteriosclerotic problems. It is quite common to see a painting of Mt. Fuji on walls of the bath rooms, but Bunka Yokusen is the first to have a round painting of Mt. Fuji to give a more relaxing effect for the eyes.
Apart from bath, they also have a sauna if you wish to detox.
Didn’t get to take a nice long bath, or didn’t get your detox in a while? Bunka Yokusen is the place to go!

ne of the biggest concerns for foreigners when they come to Japan is, they want to go to public baths or hot springs but their tattoos restrict them. BUT GUESS WHAT? This public bath allows people with tattoos!
Oh! And don’t forget to get that bottle of cold milk or coffee after bath for the full Japanese experience! ;)
* Please follow the rules of the bath as it is a shared public space.

Bunka Yokusen
3-6-8 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Ikejiri-Ohashi Station on Tokyu Den en toshi Line
(5mins walk from East exit) ※ approx. 10mins walk from WISE OWL HOSTLES SHIBUYA
Hours Weekdays 3:30pm to 1am
Sundays 8am to 12pm, 3:30pm to 1am
Holidays Irregular
Price (bath only) 460 yen
Sauna 300 yen
Set 550 yen (bath, small towel, soap, shampoo)
Sauna set 830 yen (bath, sauna, small towel, towel for sauna, soap, shampoo)

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