Firewood Ban-cha X Music Event on June 2nd!

Event for Tea & Music Lover (Music Tea Ceremony vol. 1)



A quick question for you all! Do you know what Firewood Ban-cha is?

In the organic food industry, Firewood Ban-cha is known as Sannen Ban-cha (three years ban-cha). It contains significantly less amount of caffeine, making it easier for people of all ages to drink and has advantages like curing hay fever.
The tea leaves and stems are roasted twice and aged in a traditional method to bring out the smell making it softer and easier to drink. In last couple of years, plantation of the firewood ban-cha has been highly appreciated as it helps fertilize the abandoned fields.
Mainly focusing on Firewood Ban-cha, this event will serve various kinds of drinks and foods made of rare Japanese teas (alcohol also available).
Teas used on this day are organically produced firewood ban-cha, haku-cha, black tea in collaboration with Makiiri Ban-cha Co., Ltd.
As mentioned earlier, there will be different types of dishes using tea and fresh sprout, such as tea Margherita pizza, chameshi rice, tea Caprese, etc. And for the drinks, there will be a variety of different drinks using haku-cha mojito, shochu with bancha, bancha coffee, Shizuoka prefecture’s sake, and many more. Also, a tea room will be set up with all the equipment from Shizuoka, and serve freshly made tea by a Japanese tea specialist.
Live performances from 6pm by a contrabassist Fuwa Daisuke (band leader of a band, Shibusa shirazu), and a folk singer, Meguru.
Fuwa Daisuke has been hosting many events at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO’s basement Bar Howl, along with a regular event every Thursday called Tokyo-wan Whales.
June 2nd is the day you can enjoy good tea and good music at the same time so mark your calendars!

Time 3:00pm to 9:00pm
3:00pm – Goods sale
3:00pm – 6:00pm Tea room室
5:00pm – 5:20pm Firewood bancha presentation
6:00pm – 6:40pm Live performance

Reservation is not required, but please press the button of participate.

【LIVE Artist profile】

Fuwa Daisuke
Free Jazz bassist born in Sapporo in 1959. Band leader of Shibusa shirazu.Participated in Nonakagoku ningen kokuho and Fedain in the 80s. Created the band Shibusa shirazu in 1989 and performed within and outside of the country.Composed Furen dance, Suirausu, Goichirou, Hakken no kai, Inui Akito.Also, he produced Sasaki Ayako, Nanba Tomoko, Tamai Yuko, Juchu Hakku, Chobishibu, Kawashita Naohiroquartet.The latest work is 『Shibuki』. He did a lot of workshops everywhere since late 2000s. In Sapporo, he made a band with 30 kids named 「Chobishibu」.

Born in 1974, as a daughter of Singer’s Ito Takio.She was on stage as a dancer and an actor in her childfood.She learned acting, and joined in the member of her father’s band team.Then, she left TAKioBAND temporarily in 1995, jumped in Furanojuku’s concert and started living in Furano as a farmer. After that, she went on a trip to Chiang mai, Thailand. 98’ she started as a solo artist.Now, she is a leader of 「Houzuki」,and participate in 「TAKiOBAND」「SHIBUSASHIRAZU」

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