Where’s the greenery in Tokyo at?

How about refreshing your soul at the oasis in a metropolis?



“Where’s the greenery in Tokyo at?” a very common question frequently asked by the guests at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (WOHS). Tokyo being one of the most populated cities in the world, our foreign guests may feel a little bit claustrophobic?
So the real question is, does Tokyo really not have enough greenery?

Well, there may not be too much greenery around, but Yoyogi Park is definitely an oasis within this metropolis. Surrounded by the fashion district of Harajuku, neon town Shibuya, skylines of Shinjuku, and a cool spot called WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (30mins walk), Yoyogi Park spreads over an enormous area of almost 54 hectares. Filled with cherry blossoms during spring and beautiful illuminations in winters, this place is a must go if you are missing nature.

Yoyogi Park is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo for picnic, as it is at a walkable distance from Harajuku (with hundreds of cafes and restaurants), and Shibuya (a small getaway away from the hustles of scramble crossing). You can enjoy street musicians and other performances at any time of the day, as well as play games like Frisbee. They even sell Frisbees and balls at the park so if you don’t have one, don’t worry they got you!

On the other side of the park, there is an event square which frequently hosts various events such as Thai festival, Brazilian festival, flea market, etc.
So, how about go to Yoyogi Park on a nice sunny day, to refresh your mind, body and soul, and get a nice tan maybe?

Yoyogi Park tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index039.html
Location: Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi Kamizonocho, Jinnan 2-chome
Admission fee: Free

Access from WOHS:
Train: Take JR Yamanote Line from Shibuya station (platform 1) to Harajuku station (Omotesando exit), and 3 minutes walk to Yoyogi Park.
Bus: Take the bus no. 41 (渋41) from Osakaue bus stop to Shibuya station and change to bus no. 51 (宿51) from bus stop 40 to Yoyogi Park.

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