Workation at Kyoto! Live in Kyoto from14,300Yen Monthly


From this October, we started monthly stay plan as our new business model. With our “Stay at a city” to “Stick around a city” motto, we offer reasonable price for your stay.

【① GoTo Travel Campaign】

With the campaign, the price for monthly accommodation is all 35% discount.

Let me introduce some examples for monthly accommodation fees with the discount below.

Bed in Mix-Dormitory room          Monthly accommodation fee 14,300Yen, and common service expenses 8,800Yen, +accommodation tax 6,000Yen
Bed in Female-Dormitory          Monthly accommodation fee 24,200Yen, and common service expenses 8,800Yen, +accommodation tax 6,000Yen
Private room for 1-2persons          Monthly accommodation fee 37,400Yen, and common service expenses 16,500Yen/person, +accommodation tax 6,000Yen/person

In addition, the reginal coupon ticket come with the plan.

Important: the campaign is only for those who have resident in Japan.

【② Activity Support Plan
Discount amount is up to 20,000Yen from 5,000Yen for the monthly fee, at maximum of 6 month.

WISE OWL HOSTELS gives a special offer to those who work or challenge their dreams such an actor, comedian, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and so on.

【③ Trial Stay Plan in Dormitory】
Until the end of November, we offer a special price for trial stay in either Mix- or Female-Dormitory with the accommodation fee 11,000Yen for 7 nights.

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During this tough period, many people had to leave Kyoto. However, Kyoto is one of the most historical and traditional and  cities in the world, and is the place where you get many inspirations. Why not live in Kyoto with reasonable expenses at WISE OWL HOSTELS.

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