Spectacle of Carp in the sky!!

Introducing a traditional culture in Japan, Koi-nobori. It is carp streamer in the sky, displaying during only this week.



Hi there, Chika is back here.

We are now in Golden Week, a big holidays in Japan. May 5th is so-called Children’s day in Japan, and there is a plenty of carp streamers around the city. The carp streamer is a Samurai ritual to wish sons for health. Note that sons in Samurai family is important for prosperity of descendants. As you go to rural area in the country, there are many traditional and huge and beautiful carps. However, there is a couple of spots in Tokyo as well.

[Tokyo Tower, 333 of Carps in the Sky]

This is 10th of an annual event at Tokyo Tower, and it is known as a spring reminder. Why 333 carps? It is because Tokyo Tower has its height of 333meters. There is only one Sanma-nobori, Cololabis streamer, with its length 6meters. Sanma is a famous fish in a sister city Oofunato in Iwate prefecture, where the earthquake of 311 hit. So the streamer is a symbol of resuscitation in Tohoku. I would suggest to go there during the night because the lighting for the streamers makes the sight more beautiful. The light up is scheduled 5p.m. to 11p.m. Tokyo Tower is close from our hostel by taking Metro Hibiya line.

Event Schedule
Apr. 7th to May 6th at Tokyo Tower, main entrance, 1F


The next event is located in Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. With a wishing theme for children growth, there are 80 of designers in the world decorate the sight with Artistic Koi-nobori. The colorful streamers get attentions in the website of Tokyo Midtown. Moreover, you can crawl into a huge carp streamer on the floor, just like Pinocchio stuck in a stomach of a gigantic whale. Not only watching Koi-nobori, there are other events such like drawing a paint on a carp streamer and Yoga as well. The Golden Week has just started and let’s enjoy the week!

Event Schedule
Apr.20th to May 6th at Tokyo Midtown, Midtown Garden
(crawling the carp streamer: May 4th and 5th)

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