After the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan

Absolutely I had a good time!



Hello, everyone! This is staff Eri.
It’s getting colder here in Tokyo, how are you doing?

Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan started on September 20th and has just closed successfully.
Many of Japanese didn’t know about Rugby at beginning of the tournament.
But everyone became interested in it at the end as a result of Japanese player made great progress!

First opportunity that I became interested in Rugby was watching TV drama about Ruby.
Then after starting Rugby World Cup, rugby players showed us very good games and I became totally big fun of this attractive sports!

Our hostel guests were also influential for me.
The number of the guests for watching Rugby multiplied after starting World Cup.
I realized that uncountable people looked forward to watching this Rugby World Cup in the world.

When the guests came back from stadium, sometimes they looked happy the other time looked sad, so it was impressive to me.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 is coming soon !
I’m so excited not only to watch how they Olympic athlete will attract us but also to communicate with foreigner from whole the world!

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