Theater Event Notification "PLAY JOURNEY!"

Let's watch a hands-on play and feel a trip.



Hello. How are you getting along with the lingering summer heat?
This time, we inform you a play to enjoy the world will be held at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO.
The original work is Makoto Suda, the author of "NO TRAVEL, NO LIFE" and a photographer who traveled around the world.

Participants listen to his words through a performer and travel the world.
There is no border between the stage and audience seats.
It's a play you can enjoy not only watching but also experiencing. For more information and purchasing tickets please see the website as bellow.

The first part is "Cuba" which describes the strange encounter and the strange fate that happened in Cuba.
"Asian winds" Tells the stories of people he met while traveling several Asian countries.
A month to experience the world begins. Moreover, it has been announced that Makoto Suda will appear and talk after the main part on 23rd September (MON) and 14th October (Mon)!

〇Event detail
Date: Monday, September 23 to Tuesday, October 29
Address: 3-22-9, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104- 0032
Access: 30 seconds walk from B1 or A1 exit of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line or JR Keiyo Line "Hatchobori Station"
Story: "NO TRAVEL, NO LIFE" (Photo and text: Makoto Suda)
Screenplay and Composition: Takehiro YOSHIDA (LIPS * S/ILLUMINUS)
Director: Tetsutaro SHINZATO

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