It is a great deal to get double points only for now.



Hello. I can't wait for the rainy season to over because it's so long.
By the way, that drink which has been a hot topic will be sold at WISE OWL CAFE at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO on the 1st floor.
What is that popular drink? It's a long line in Harajuku. Tapioca. And lassi. Enjoy the balanced sweetness and sourness of lassi and the chewy tapioca.
WISE OWL CAFE has seats and free WIFI, so please enjoy Bubble Lassi while working or talking with your friends. You can take it home.
Please cool yourself by drinking cold Bubble Lassi in the hot summer season. Moreover, if you buy the drink now, you will get double points. Bubble Lassi is 450 yen on limited sale until July 31st. Please take this opportunity to come.

〇 Sales Period
From July 16th to 31st

〇 Price
450 Yen

〇 Access to WISE OWL CAFE
30 seconds walk from B1 or A1 exit of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and JR Keiyo Line "Hatchobori Station".

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