Special Drink is now on sale!

3rd Anniversary special drink will be served!!



This month is 3rd years anniversary of WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO!!
In this month, there are many announce from WISE OWL CAFE.

The 1st one is …
\\ Mango Frappuccino 400 Yen //

It’s taste like a tropical with the flesh of mango~!!
It is limited menu of July 1st - 15th. Do not miss it!!

The 2nd one is …
\\ Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee 10 days 100 Yen discount from July 10th //

We hope you to enjoy our coffee with the special price.
Please look forward to it!

The 3rd one is …
\\ Bubble Lassi 450 Yen //

Special drink Bubble Lassi is coming!
July 16th - 31st 2 weeks only.
Please enjoy!

You can get double points with the special drinks.
Why don’t you come and have some drink!?

Open every day 8:00am~5:00pm

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