Kom_I from "Suiyobi no Campanella" came to WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO!??

Due to the project called "Higashi-Tokyo Bloom", she came to our hostel to interview to our multinational guests!



CINRA.NET web media which introduce various culture scenes.

Mr. Kiyomiya (music producer) often having events in HOWL, and this time they started a project call “Higashi Tokyo” Bloom, with “Suiyobi no Campanella” and we are so grateful that they chose Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo as a first spot.

In this project they interview with our hostel foreigner guests about “Higashi Tokyo”

This project host by famous singer Kom_I from “Suiyobi no Campanella”
It was so surprising when Kom_I visited Hatchobori & Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo by herself.
Of-course it was totally different compare to T.V. screen when we show her live & too closely, on the screen with stylish get-up by the performance but in live she was short height with a beautiful smile and super friendly nature being.

Many time we heard her funny voice on the radio but when she interviewed the foreigner guests, it was so nice and sweet even when she talk her voice was so soft and friendly that everyone enjoyed their time with her.
Guests she interview: -
British family
Australian student
American Students

She asked such a simple questions about how they like japan, Japanese culture, or something that they thing is strange, etc...


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