So many people came over and it was so much fun.



Hello there! It is Tadashi from WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO!
SUMO PATY which was very popular last time came back!
The second time SUMO PATY, nearly 40 people joined us and it was a great success! Hostel staff also joined and everyone enjoyed the event.
As usual as the first time, I was able to deepen my understanding about sumo while tasting delicious chanko, and cultivating friendship with guests through participating events.
The Miso chanko came back from the last time, and this time, the new flavor, salt butter taste was added into the menu. Both of them were very tasty, and everyone was so impressed. Moreover, udon and ramen are in option menu, so you can add them on the soup, it was delicious.

Former wrestlers gave us a sumo lecture!
It was a very easy-to-understand video for beginners, and we were able to see various technic, with an impressive video, were able to deepen the understanding of sumo wrestling, national sports of Japan.
Tradition is wonderful! There was also a costume trial of Sumo wrestlers’ ornamental aprons.

Playing against the former sumo wrestler in paper sumo, one of the guests wear costumes, put their sumo wrestler’s name under "mountain of Karen".

It was the Chairman of the Chanko Nabe Association who did the referee. It was his dream to become a sumo referee since he was small!
Paper sumo wrestling character was created by popular Japanese combination "sandwich man"!
From the beginning till the end, it was very fun and lively events!

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