The second anniversary.

Thinking of 2 years, which passed so quickly WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO In this July we will celebrate the second anniversary. These two years that seemed long and short when we look back on encounters and episodes



Hostel for whom · ·?

WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO, with the concept of no time for sleeping, and always suggested how to spend the day in the city, is going to be complete second year soon.

Weather you start your day or you need to recharge your batteries at break time, our original coffee is what you need to enjoy your break time, chill time with a cup of original coffee.

Would you like to enjoy a genuine Japanese cuisine at both lunch & dinner times? FUKURO is your destination with its delicious food & lovely atmosphere.

[ Sound & Bar HOWL ]
With a Variety of well selected bevvies, nice music, & great mixologists,
All facilities above-mentioned are part of the hostel. That’s why for once everyone thinks that these facilities are only for them who are staying in the hostel. And there is no doubt in this, which all facility was made for hostel guests also so they can enjoy from morning to late night.

However, the target was not just hostel guests. First of all, we thought that we should make such facilities in our place that attracts locals from japan. Most of us believed that here guests gathered from all over the world visiting japan and they are having a great time and also experiencing themselves as backpackers.
"WISE OWL CAFE" here you can see the friendly sight that regulars who are in the vicinity or commuting to work nearby are talking with hostel guests like a “Where are you from?" chit-chat and becoming friends with delicious coffee.
FUKURO (Izakaya restaurant)
For both Hatchobori`s residents and those who work within hatchobori. FUKURO is their culinary niche where they can enjoy both lunch and dinner in an amiable ambiance. “Oden” served with delicious sake is highly recommended & suggested to our dear hostels guests. It’s a great place where our international guests can relish both food and mingling with the locals.

Sound & Bar HOWL
HOWL, this is the place where multi nations meets. customers often making friends here with Japanese people, hostel guests and staff who come to play music, like a DJ events, live music performances, etc. other side we wondered when we saw that a businessman in a suit, coming to HOWL drinking alcohol and enjoying the company of foreigner guests unexpectedly. Hatchobori and the hostel, businessman and backpackers. What a combination.

In this BLOG, we are sharing our some nice and good episodes with a locals & guest’s, staff who is working in the hostel there point of views. Looking forward to describe more about our adventures and hospitality.

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