Tour of shrines that boost your money luck and good fortune!

There is an event to know about SETSUBUN with the tour of shrines!!



Why don’t you join the tour around shrine and power spots in the Nihonbashi area nearby our hostel on February 3rd? We will take you to some places that give you spiritual energy and will explain about the original meaning of “Setsubun.
This tour will be guided by Spiritualist, Ms. Iijima who has tons of knowledge and experiences in this field. She can fully READ one’s past and future.

Why is she guiding this tour? It’s because she is one of the regular guests of WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO and our staff is very fond of Ms. Iijima.
To tell you the truth, the people from Japan do not really know the meaning of spirituality as well as the significance of shrine within the Japanese culture. Most Japanese people simply learnt the culture through the customs taught by family, without having the knowledge of how deep Japanese culture is.

Nowadays, there are many foreign visitors in Japan, and many of them have questions regard the culture, worship, gods, practice of prayer, and so on. Well, Ms. Iijima comfortably explains all questions and will reveal the origins + history of Japan. Also, the end of the tour, we will come back to the hostel and eat “Ehoumaki” together!!

February 3rd 12:30~
¥1,000 (including Ehoumaki and Raw beans)
Kimono rental available. (\2,000. Around 3 to5 people.)
DO NOT forget apply by the day before!!
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Email → hachi@wiseowlhostels.com
TEL → 09061733723 (Ask Ms. Otake, in-charge of this event)

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