Let’s have fun this year, too



HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!
It’s 2019!!
In this year, following our 1st branch WISE OWL HOSTEL TOKYO, 2nd branch WISE OWL HOSTEL SHIBUYA…
our 3rd and 4th bransches are going to open!!
3rd branch is going to open in SAPPORO, and 4th is in KYOTO!!
So… I asked for Vivi and Shima who are the 1st branch’s opening staff!!

Are you aware that…
Actually they have gotten married!!
They give us some messages…
“2018, proved to be the turning point in our lives.
We started as staff at the opening of the 1st hostel, We have also clashed each other,and sometime encouraged each other.
When we realized, we are married.
In 2019, we serve our own role and help each other.
Also, we would like to contribute WISE OWL HOSTELS’ great progress. ”
Vivi always makes our hoslel very cute with the ornaments.
This is New Years version!!

Shima is always …


We all are waiting you visiting WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO!!

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