Let's go to see the autumn foliage/leaves.

Autumn has come.



Hello, it is Tadashi!
Hello, everyone. How are you doing?
It is getting cold and cold every day, please do not catch a cold!
Autumn is one of the most delightful and admiring seasons to experience in Japan.
There are lots of seasonal foods in autumn, such as pacific saury fish, chestnut, ginkgo, and sweet potato. I really can’t choose about what I should eat.
When it comes to autumn time, we can’t miss the autumn leaves.
Japanese autumn leaves are also popular from overseas’ guests. WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO implemented a notice board to introduce the recommended autumn leaves spot in front of the reception desk so that more guests could see the wonderful autumn leaves and be touched.
By all means, if you are staying at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO or visiting us, please check out the autumn leaves information.

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