Upcoming New Drink at WISE OWL CAFE

Get warmth with our new menus, Hot Chocolate and Hot Mocha



Hello, everyone.
Tadashi is here again to announce new drink menus at our cafe stand.
One is Hot Chocolate, and the other one is Hot Mocha.
It is getting as colder as winter getting closer.
Now why don’t you get warm with our hot drink! Moreover, you can add a couple of marshmallow on top of the drinks.
It gives an edge on the drink with sweet taste and fluffy mouthfeel to a little bitter drinks.

It looks such a photogenic drink as well. Not only better appearance, but its taste gets much better with marshmallows aswell.
Winter is coming just around the corner, and let’s get warm with our new hot flavors.
The drinks are now on sale and will be end early spring. Don’t miss them!!
See you then! Bye~
Hot Chocolate 300JPY,
Hot Mocha 300JPY,
Additional Marshmallow (2piece) 50JPY

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