Hosting Magic Shows

A Magician has Stayed Over!!



There are guests from all over the world with different values that come and stay over in WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO. Out of all the guests, there was one person who showed trump magic tricks to the staffs. At first, we all thought he is a regular fan of magic, but his magic was for real! His name is Demitri Zabuta.
In this facility, we host card game night at the bar every Thursday for hostel guests. We somehow tried calling out if we could help make the dealer of the card game. Although it was such a light, casual talk at the beginning, it gradually started expanding and ended up with a one-man show at the lounge.

The show happened instantly without giving him the chance to warm-up. Many guests also gathered around as we informed them to come and see the show. Few of us were panicky of what will happen; but, surprises occur as the show begun. With his hand power, he started turning around the eyeglass without even touching it and hitting objects blindfolded. This gave us so much surprises that we ended up opening our mouth wide! This magician was quite astonishing!
It was like seeing a lot of guests and being satisfied with improvised magic competitions.

We really thank Dimitri for showing wonderful magic tricks and entertaining all of us.
Please also pay a visit to his web link as given below. (Unfortunately the web link is all in Spanish, but you can check out the videos so please have a look!)

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