Reflecting Back to WOHT 2nd Anniversary July 14th

WOHT has celebrated its 2nd anniversary successfully. Chika has reported the start and to the success of the event.



July 14th was a really hot day, but thanks to all the people who came and participated to this event!
WOHT has been used by many people since the opening, and we have supported them. We would gratefully like to thank the people around the Hatchobori area, the office workers around WOHT, people hosting events at the HOWLS, as well as backpackers around the world that gathers around the hostel.
We want to express our gratitude to all of you, and with that we have tried to express this year’s festival as the “Summer Festival”.
We also wanted to make the bell sound to congratulate winners who won the prize, so we decided to prepare award with no voids and premium WOHT’s accommodation ticket as a main. Within a few hour since the start, the first prize has already been given out! (Bell sound)
Congratulation to the person who won a luxury suite room! We look forward to your stay here.

Picture of gatherings and opening store
“Nagashi Somen” - Flowing noodles - was the most popular food.
Everyone used chopsticks well!
Staffs were pleased when guests, children, and neighbors were cheerfully and deliciously eating them. (Besides, I ate them when nobody was around there…)

The children at the counter was enjoying the shooting galley, and even the staff hoped for them to hit one of the targets!
The result was……? Quite promising!

In addition to that, our Taiwanese staff Chen has prepared a special Taiwanese shaved ice with boba that was quite popular as well.
“Chen, give me one shaved ice. Oh, wait, one more please!”, was the kind of conversation we heard quite often.
Our staff Chen was really busy making shaved ice for all the customers without barely even having rests. Thank you for your hard work!

In this festival, we also prepared various live events such as Japanese comedies, Japanese “taiko” drum, plays, and guerrilla live performance to cheer up the customers.

Twin Comedian Masters “Usukuraya”, a fishing enthusiast “Happy Max Mishima”, along with the honored secret guest comedian has grabbed the grabbed the hearts of children and all laughed inside the hall.
The Japanese drum performed by Japanese drum leader Naoya Takahashi has given guests and staffs an experience to it along with the “Bon Odori” dance. A Spanish-Brazilian actor Paula Berwanger performed a solo show of an adult skit that also entertained all of us

We want to have guests smile at all time and give them a fun trip! Since the opening of WOHT and all the way to today, I am here just so all of you guests come back again.
With the flow of the festival, the night section has also started.
Suitable for this 2nd anniversary, sound creator Yoshi Horikawa and sound artists, Daisuke Tanabe, Lycoriscoris, and Quarta 330 has performed a special night-long live that are recorded from everyday life and environmental sounds.

It was crowded with lots of customers till late at night.
There is not much hostel where such bars sticking to SOUND united together.
With the concept of nocturnal lifestyle like “Owl”, our journey should be heightened with sensibilities by experiencing Tokyo, whether day or night, and to have mediocre amount of good sleep from an exhausting, enriched experience. Like this concept, our 2nd anniversary went successfully from day to night time!! Thank you to everyone!!
From now on, WOHT will continue to do our best to make guests enjoy.

All WOH Staff

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