Recommended Place for Tanabata

Introducing a hotspot at the center of Tokyo



Hello there, Chika is here again!
It has been so hot and humid these months, and it seems I cannot stand for the summer coming right around the corner. I have already started using A/C, and it is really nice as heaven. Recently, the weather is too hot. So everyone be careful not to get heatstroke.
So, now here comes the main topic.
In Japan, there is an annual big event on July 7th, so-called Tanabata.
Tanabata, literally means Seventh Evening, is an old fantasy story originated in ancient Chinese legend. Two stars, Vega and Altair, get close each other once in a year at alongside of a Milky Way. It looks like a romantic occasion that a man and a woman wishing to see each and dream comes true. Since then, Tanabata is, for some people, a romantic event in Japan. I am going to explain how it has been sublimed in Japan by introducing a shrine famous for marriage.
The place is Tokyo Dai-Jingu. Literally, it means a great shrine in Tokyo. How it is famous for marriage? It is going to be told with pictures now.

First picture is the entrance of the shrine, showing that the shrine is sacred and its dignity.

After passing a gate, Torii, you will see a cogon glass ring, Chinowa, cleaning off sins you have gotten by passing thru the ring.

Decorated bamboo tree with many slips, people’s wishes on them. In Japan, people believe that writing a wish on the slip makes dreams come true such like Vega and Altair meet at the Milky Way.

You can buy a slip of colorful papers at the shrine.

You can also buy many attractive things, such like fortune telling slip, charms bring you romance, and so on.

Let’s say, now you have a chance to get love romance with travelling around Tokyo.
Furthermore, you can write a wish not related to romance on a slip paper decorating a bamboo tree. So here it comes going to Tokyo Dai-jingu.

Tokyo Dai-jinguhttp://www.tokyodaijingu.or.jp/
Address: 2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 102-0071
Access: From Iida-bashi Station on any metro/JR line, walk 5 minutes.

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