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What is the goodness of Tokyo that foreigners feels? Top sightseeing spot blog which guides and introduces by foreigner’s eyes.



Konichiwa! I am newlywed Tatsuya.
This time I would like to introduce a blogger of French Canadian, Pamela Rose Jean, and her article. Pamela is sharing her experiences and adventures with photos of the trip to various parts of the world on her blogs and SNS for travelers.
This Time in her blog she mentioned about our Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo as a base in Tokyo, and also mentioned about various places in Tokyo as hotspots.
Well, her blog is in French, so I, as a French expert (just kidding), will try my best to introduce her blog with good explanation.

First of all, it start with Yanaka, part of “Yanesen Area” introduced in the Neighborhood article. Yanaka is the city with warmth in an emotional landscape reminiscent of the Showa Period 30 years ago. The atmosphere from here is quite impressive.

Next is as known as the best of Tokyo electric city, Akihabara! Today it is a popular spot for foreign travelers as “City of Otaku (nerds)”. The blog is introducing the side of the city.

Now comes Shinjuku! Surrounded by dazzling neon, there are plenty of eateries from cheap Izakaya to exclusive restaurant. And if you are going in the evening, you will have a beautiful night with the Golden Gai (Golden Street). It was an introduction of Shinjuku that not just shopping you can do in Shinjuku, you can enjoy many things there from the dusk to dawn.

Here it comes, Tsukiji! Few minutes’ walk from our hostel.Speaking of Tsukiji, it is a huge fish market and delicious seafood dishes. The blogger had eaten a very tasty Bluefin Tuna with a rice bowl on this trip, and she was very impressed.

In Shibuya`s introduction, about 1,000 people are passing each other at a famous crosswalk each time the signal changes. And a bronze statue of Hachiko Dog, which is pick up in Hollywood movie “Hachi the dogs tale”.

In addition to the places introduced above, there are lots of the small theaters and lantern pubs in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Dome City where you can experience roller coasters surrounded by baseball stadium and high-rise buildings, and Harajuku and Nakameguro where stylish clothing shops and cafés lining up.
Of course, Pamela the blogger introduced Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo! In addition to cleanliness, well designed interior etc., she highly appraised the location walkable to the main stations like a Tokyo station and Tsukiji. Moreover, , she was very satisfied with the meal and service of “Izakaya Fukuro” the hostel’s restaurant. It was great experience, she says. You can also take a look up her blog to check pictures she had taken during this trip.

For backpackers, the information that travelers shares with other travelers is very helpful. From our deep of our heart, thank you so much for introducing our hostel.
Pamela`s article and SNS will be posted soon so please check it!
Well Then See you next time!

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