This time, we are also going to hear more details about WOHT staff.



Konichiwa everyone! This is Chika Koiwa.
For our second anniversary, the staff interview part 2, we are going to introduce「TOMO」! TOMO starts to work here just from our beginning. He is the super old hand! TOMO is the originator of our Cycling Tour, and also the cycling guide. On the other hand, he is a heavy reader, kindly and humorous man. Then, let’s start the interview!

Q1: How did you find and why you started work at here?
A: Before working here, I traveled all around the world for three years half. During traveling, the inseparable thing is the place where you stay. In that three years half, I had been stayed at so many hostels and guesthouse.
During the travel, I had been a manager of hostel at Guatemala. I met lots of people who were from different countries, learned so many different Values and the way they lived. That was impossible happened if I just stayed in Japan. At that time, I also found that working at guesthouse made me feel happy.
After I finished the travel, backed to Japan, started thinking about the job. I wanted to do the job which I want to, not what I can. At that time, the most I want to is working at guesthouse. When I looking for jobs, I found the new opening WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO.
Every time I make choice, I always follow my intuition. That’s why when I found WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO, I just subscribe for the job immediately and start to work at here.

Q2: What made you start the Cycling Tour? How’s it feel when you do the tour?
A: Guests whom choose hostels or guesthouse to stay, would like to make new friends, hang out, more rather than just get sleep.
As a staff, I also want to make friend with guests and hang out with them, it’s my pleasure. Above these reason, pushed me to plan a regular event which can let the guests get together.
Also the reason why this has started is based on the thought of people getting together and cycle around Tokyo.
Actually, me and guests who joined Cycling Tour are really became to be friends, drank at our hostels’ bar, went out for getting some food. Doing something together deepen people’s connections. I think it would be great, if guests get along well with staff and find friends of life not just from Cycling Tour, also such as Walking Tour, Running Tour, Mountain climbing…….

Q3: A quick word of WHOT!
A: For me, this hostel is the place where the best people gather. I can meet so many people from different countries, and the staff are also very friendly.
I think life, working, traveling are such important for everyone.
A phrase that often hear about of journey is「It’s not about what you do or go, it’s about who you go and do it with. 」 I have visited several wonderful place all around the world during the journey of three years half, but the memory of drinking alcohol with guests on any normal days, actually made me feel happy.
Working here, there is not a day like yesterday. Every day I can meet new people, every day is a new day and very happy.

This time, it’s an interview with TOMO who is working as a staff since WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO opened. The second anniversary is holding on July 14th, just less than one month. Like Nitin who did interview last time and this time’s TOMO, our staff are preparing the second anniversary party who are also always put guests first, please looking forward to !

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