Conguero Tres Hoofers

Live Performing with a long-awaited New Album @HOWL! 2018.6.7 WISE OWL HOSTELSTOKYO B1F @HOWL



Advance Ticket ¥2,500/2Drink
Door Ticket ¥3,000/2Drink
Snack available
Open 19:00~ Start 19:30~(2 performances)
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About Conguero Tres Hoofers (CTH)
The band name derives from “Conguero” meaning conga players,“Tres” as in the original form of guitar, and “Hoofers” in an informal way of saying tap dancers.The band is comprised of three members: Yukihiro Atsumi, guitarist, who has been known for providing and producing music for a commercial for EDWIN and NHK WORLD; SARO, tap dancer, who has become popular for appearing in the Takeshi Kitano movie “Zatoichi” and a UNIQLO commercial; and Hidero Nishioka, percussionist, has been supporting from Magokoro Brothers to Saori Yuki.Their musical style, simple musical instruments and body performance has been well admired, and even before their album release, they have played at GREEN ROOM FESTIVAL in 2010, and as for FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, two years in a row in 2010 and 2011. They have released the first album in 2011, and another one the year after, both ranking in the first place at the Jazz category on iTunes.In June 2014, they have gone on a 54-day-long tour across Europe for the first time, playing more than 30 gigs including the one at the Paris Japan Expo! Their music has been largely influenced by different cultures across borders, and they have successfully toured around Japan further evolving their unique musicality and the presence of “void”, moments without sound.In 2015, during their Russia tour, they have made appearance in four TV programs and released the live-version CD “LIVE CTH”.They are releasing “Musical Traveler” after three years, and continuing to venture into the world. CTH has just released a new album, 2 years since Live CTH.Vividly inspired by the countries, cities, people and cultures they have encountered from travelling all over the world since 2014, they have put in into music.The musical pieces created by their interpretations portray unique relationships between locality and its people densely, vividly and powerfully.Yet the sense of nostalgia and comfort in their portrayal remind us how music connect people’s minds transcending national borders. An album of reminiscing and longing for memories of each places.
New Album “Musical Traveler”


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