Mint Soda, exclusive drink during the summer at WISE OWL CAFE.

Get replenished with our fresh mint soda!!



Hello everyone. Chika is here again ;)

The annual rainy season is just around the corner, and it gets soooooo humid.
You get sick and tired of being moisturized. Don’t you?
Now then, why don’t you try our new drink Mint Soda at the entrance of the hostel?

The fresh menu has been sold from this month, and it gets popular for the people walking on the street because it gives them an exhilarating feeling.
The drink consists of lime juice, mint syrup, and soda. There is also a leaf of mint giving an edge on the drink.
The outlook is also pretty and photogenic. We are welcoming you with our popular menus such like variety of muffins, iced coffee and so on.
Bye now and see you soon J

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