Throwing back the last 2 years, since the hostel opened on 22nd of July, 2016.

Everyone is in full of excitement for welcoming and celebrating the second anniversary of Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo. This time we interview the staff of WOHT!



Konnichiwa everyone, this is Chika Koiwa a staff member of WOHT.

You know it’s been raining since golden week ended, and in these rainy days, I am being keenly busy every day, for the job hunting before graduation, everyday interviews, meetings, and busy schedules are making me tired. But thank god since the job hunting is in Tokyo, which is like a reward for me, because after such a tough day when I feel tired then I can go to my favorite places to eat or drink (tapioca drink) good food or drinks always makes me happy and refresh me.
If you like tapioca drink (bubble tea or Boba tea) then, I’ll recommend you Shinjuku, there are various tapioca shops near the station so please find your favorite one!

Well, this summer Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo is going to complete its 2nd year in July 22, As I remember that I started to work here in last year July, and it has been 10 months just like this, (blink of an eye) always good times goes too fast.
In Wise Owl Hostels there is many foreigners’ staff but this time, I interviewed one of our staff member call Nitin, he is from India and he is a funny guy, has been living in japan from last 3 years. I asked him few questions below:-

Q1:How do you find & meet Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo?

A:It has been three year living in Japan, in the beginning I was studying Japanese, after knowing some Japanese, I decide to work (part-time in restaurant) while studying. So from that time I feel that in japan, Japanese hospitality is really best in world. From then, I really want to learn this culture. After finishing my Japanese school, I was looking for where I could work to find "hospitality" in Japan, I found WOHT. Back then, it was a new hostel only few months from opening, I research on internet about WOH. On that time also WOH was one of the reputed hostel on the internet and it seemed like a lot of things to learn, so I apply for a job and did interview with management and happily got the job. I remember being touched gently from the time of the interview. When I start to work here it was hard with many things, but the good thing is WOH Japanese senior staff was so kind and helpful so they helped me a lot. Well still doing ;).

Q2:While working here how do you feel and how was your experience with WOHT?

A:I found this place as an institution, here in WOH each and every day, I meet new peoples, learn new words from different languages, different stories of experience, life, and travel. It is unforgettable experience for you. I learned many things, heard many interesting stories and of course made many good friends.
Especially Hostel events are always good fun and good socializing.!

Q3:From now, what’s your goal and what you want to learn.

A:I would like to understand guests’ expectations and exceed that expectation. As I learned about "hospitality" meaning, that does not just work hard for tip or rewards, just do it from your heart and always try to satisfy the guest, I realized while working here. So I want to learn more about this “Omotenashi” (Hospitality) culture and learn new words from different languages and make new friends all over the world.

That was over staff member feelings and experience which he describe in such a good way.
Personally I think Nitin is good in English and always helpful (^ - ^) I am very happy to work with him, and I often see the talk rising with the guests.
Japanese hospitality seems really wonderful.
For more interesting stories see you next time.

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