WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO has been posted on Time Out Tokyo.

A famous global media site features Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo once again.



“Timeout” is as known as Friend of Foreign Travelers, and has posted Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo as one of “Top 5 Place in Tokyo for stay with an enjoyable events”.

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With the concept of “no time for sleeping” Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo, has SOUND & BAR HOWL on B1F which is one of the best partying place in area, where not only hostel guests even locals are also having good time with great music and alcohol, also business men who work nearby in this area always after work coming to SOUND & BAR HOWL and enjoying beverage with music and friendly talk.

As we all know that Shibuya and Roppongi are popular nightlife areas in Tokyo, but if you look at this article I'd like you to come & visit SOUND & BAR HOWL in Hatchobori.

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