BON ODORI Festival in Hatchobori

Enjoyed BON ODORI with hostel guests



Hello, everyone!
We joined the annual summer event called BON ODORI Festival in Hatchobori with hostel guests.
It’s held on August 29th & 30th and many of the guests joined both of days.
Everyone enjoyed Japanese traditional summer.

Of course with beer and snack as well!

Everyone don’t know how to dance beginning of the festival but they were getting know just try to copy the other people.
They really liked it at the end.

Day 2, we did “SUIIKAWARI” that watermelon splitting game in summer of Japan!
It’s first time to try SUIKAWARI for all of them. We’re so excite!

It’s so fresh juicy watermelon. Yummy~!

I realized again how beautiful culture BON ODORI is.
From small kids to older people enjoy at the same time.
It’s also good opportunity to communicate with local people and workers around here.

We’re so glad that hostel guests had this experience just because of staying in Japan at this moment by chance.
“Experience” while traveling is so special.

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