“Yanesen” - Scenery for nostalgia!

“Yanesen” has become very popular after getting introduced by TripAdvisor. We will introduce fun areas on foot such as ‘Yuyake-Dandan’.



Konichiwa! Hi, myself is Chika Koiwa

I am a staff member of WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO & today I am going to introduce you one of the best spots in Tokyo.
As we all know Sakura season is over, so for once everyone thinks where to go? What to do? But don’t worry I know the place where you can find historical sites, traditional wooden houses, Izakaya (pubs) etc...
And the charming neighborhood in Tokyo is... “Yanesen”

The name "YA-NE-SEN" comes from the first letters of each neighborhood; Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi. Yanesen stands out with its quaint atmosphere, Shitamachi vibe and bohemian culture. Since Yanaka was recommended by trip advisor as a “Tokyo’s old downtown—retain their last-century charm ", it seems that foreign tourists are increasing very much. Which I also noticed when I visited Yanesen last weekends.

In Yanaka, there is “Yanaka-Ginza” which warms the visitors’ hearts, is a shopping street from the old days with a delicious food. My favorite one is ice-shaving shop called "Himitsudo" besides that, you can have mince cutlets, Mitarashi Dango sweets, and donuts in the shape of cat tails and eat them right after purchase. I really recommend this street to try tasty food while walking.

Other side many people also come here to take pictures from the stairs called “Yuyake-Dandan” because there's a beautiful view of the sunset that makes you feel like a dream.
Recently Yanaka and Nezu are home to more than just small shops selling traditional foods and crafts—the area's vibrant art scene presents works from all across the artistic spectrum. Wooden apartment transformed into a thriving café and galleries with make your visit more interesting.

In this area, there are many cats, and many people come to take photos of cats, so there are also many stores that sell cat-related items. There are various Maneki-Neko or the beckoning cat types that are on sale here and people from all around the country come to buy them.
Must visit once and you will see the retro and nostalgic sight in Tokyo just like you go travel time to the good old days.

From: 04April 2018 ~ 05May2018/ 09:00AM. ~ 05:30PM.
At:- Nezu Shrine (Bunkyo Azalea Festival)
Entry fee: 200yen

Bunkyo Azalea Festival,, which happens every April. Over an acre and a half (three-quarters of a hectare) of vivid azaleas (つつじ; tsutsuji) bloom in shades of mainly pink and white, and in different shapes and sizes, in what is one of Tokyo's most spectacular spring scenes, Thronged with visitors from all over Tokyo and beyond. There are over 3,000 plants in all to admire.
The many varieties of azalea (over 100), with their various characteristics, mean that the blooming period is long. And of course you can capture this beautiful scenes in your camera.

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