2018 Countdown Party!

Let’s welcome 2019 with us!



Time flies so fast, and a new year is waiting at just around the corner!
This is VIVI, first time here to introduce our event!
I am handling many events that have been held at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO to welcome people from Japan and all over the world.
This time, I throw a countdown party at the bar located in the basement floor of the hostel. It is a good time to make friends in Tokyo and have a preciously memorable moment with them, welcoming a new year!

The time schedule of the day is below, please check it up!
18:00 Bar open
20:00 Live performance with Shamisen, a Japanese traditional three strings instrument.
20:30 Fun games with other guests by playing Japanese card game called Karuta.
21:30 Live Shamisen performance.
23:50 Countdown starts, and welcome a new year.

After the countdown, we most likely go to a shrine to wish our luck for a new year.
It is a traditional ritual for the local people. So you can learn the local people do on a new year’s day.

Time: 18:00 on 31st of December, 2018
Location: SOUND AND BAR HOWL located in the basement of WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO

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