Indonesian Dance Night took place!

Indonesian dancers have just performed fascinating story-based dances.



Indonesian Dance Night was held at our bar HOWL the other day.
Thank you all for joining in the event!
Terima kasih banyak ya!!
There were various kinds of narrative-styled dance performances that were originated in Jakarta and ancient capital Yogyakarta.

On that day the dancers were selling homemade traditional sweets which were like shrimp flavored rice crackers, they had a nice chat with visitors and the event ended up in a massive success.
The name of the dance group “Nusantara Indonesia Culture” has performed on Indonesian Festival at Yoyogi Park as well as some other events.

Sound and Bar HOWL equip a well-elaborated sound system and have friendly bar tenders. Also, its performing stage is freely organized for best atmosphere with visitors.
Why don’t you follow their event and have your own?

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