Super Ball Scoop has begun!!

Blow off the hot summer and taste the summer festival mood!!



Hello everyone! This is Staff Rei!
The hot and humid days are continuing here.
There are many office workers in Hatchobori who comes by and go. Good work to everyone!
Although Hatchobori is a proper office area, many families are also seen on weekends.
Many of you may have already know this, but WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO has celebrated its 2nd anniversary event last July 22nd. We thank to everyone for their hard work and support on that day!
On July 14th we hosted the event that resembles Japanese festival which was a great success after all! Among that, many children have participated to the Super Ball Scooping and showed great engagement to it.
Then! After all! WISE OWL CAFE will host the Super Ball scooping during this hot summer only on weekends! (Cancelled in case of rain)

You will be given a try of Super Bowl scooping for those who purchase the "Icing Cookie Set" that was on sale during the 2nd anniversary at the entrance of the café entrance, so please come by with your children by all means!

And then! There are also small prize even for those who just participated to Super Ball scooping!
(You can also challenge for winning snacks or sweets!)
Please come by and challenge to this everyone! We all look forward to seeing you!

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