Have a try with the “Katsuura Tantanmen” noodles!

Let’s blow ourselves with hot food in this hot summer!



Hello, This is Chika!
This will be my last news article, so I would like to make it the best!!
The summer has entered all of sudden. How’s all your summer going so far?
My plan was to go visit the sunflower field in Narita-Yume Ranch, but had to cancel our plan due to the typhoon. Sad…
Instead, I went to eat the “Katsuura Tantanmen” noodles!
Katsuura is a city located in the southeastern part of Chiba Prefecture, where it is famous for marine sports such as surfing. “Katsuura Tantanmen” noodle is a very popular local food, and many visitors go there to try it! It could be found in almost any part of the city, so make sure to see the condition of your stomach when eating them!

Each bite you take, you start to feel the spiciness around your mouth! Something you cannot help yourself!
Those who do not like spicy food or cannot eat them, then it is not recommended!
But, eating them on a hot day feels really good. I bothered myself driving 2 hours all the way from Ibaraki Prefecture just to eat the noodles.
Those who wants to go here, from Hachobori it takes an hour-and half by car to go Katsuura City in Chiba Prefecture through the Aqua Line Highway Express.
Those who wants to go by train also takes less than 2 hours using the JR Keiyo Line Commuter Express without making any transfer.
So, why not try out the “Katsuura Tantanmen” during this summer?
Enjoy the spicy hot food, and I will see you around someday J

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