It’s not only Sushi or Seafood Bowls! Attractions of “Tsukiji”

15 minutes from WOHT to Tsukiji on foot. A neighborhood spot not only because it is known for a marketplace, but also a current hot spot “Anaba Tsukiji” that I would like to introduce.



Hello, this is Chikkoiwa!
The early summer has arrived, and it’s already hot like summer! I wear suits every day for my job hunting, and I can’t stop sweating! Even during my job hunting, I cannot stop eating delicious foods that I see around me….But this time there is a spot near WOHT that I eagerly want to introduce to you all in “Tsukiji”: it’s even one of my favorite spot!
And that is “Tsukiji Honganj”.

First of all, how much do you know about “Tsukiji Honganji”?
It is a honorable temple that celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2017, and it was renewed dramatically last year on November. I thought Tsukiji was only famous for fish markets, but never thought that there would be temples around there! When I actually visited there, unlike ordinary temples, the shape was unique and immense like a foreign building. It’s really like the Taj Mahal in India! With that being said, most buildings in India are made in the imitation of ancient Buddhist architecture. With stained glasses and pipe organ and unique interior decoration, the building itself has a nostalgic feeling and feels like you are in the Taisho or Showa era. But anyways, please pay a visit, and you will know what I mean!

There’s also a new information center that was built, as well as cafes and shops that were newly opened inside. There is a shop called Tsukiji Honganji cafe “tsumugi” that I also went inside it.

What I ate is here!
“18 different items of breakfast”

There are 16 different types of bite size side dishes, porridge, miso soup, and hot or ice tea. Even, the table that has arrangement of 16 small dishes is cute! Like spectacular! I think it’s really worth going once! Also, by looking at the picture, it’s worth posting on Instagram, and would be a perfect photo!
You can take as much rice porridge as you want. Of course, I refilled it a lot! (Laugher)
It seems that the breakfast time between 8 am and 11am is pretty crowded, but it wasn’t too crowded when I went there before 9 am. So, I suggest the earlier the better it is! The price is 1,944 yen including tax. It is a little expensive, but there is no doubt that you can have an elegant morning.
From lunch, menus such as pasta, shaved ice, parfait and cake will start, so check it out as well! Wi-Fi is also equipped. Wonderful!
Also, from 1st to 4th August this year, the “Tsukiji Honganji Buddhist Bon” dancing competition is going to be held. Check that out as well!
So, this is all about “Anaba Tsukiji”,secret hot spot there. If you would like to enjoy something different from sushi and seafood bowl on the market, please do go!

【Tsukiji Honganji】
3-15-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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