Roast beef’s recipe.

Namako Sensei’s secret Christmas recipe! Roast beef



Namako sensei is a well-known chef and has been hosting food events at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (WOHS).
The generous sensei has let out his secret recipe for his delicious roast beef!
Our cooking lover staff, Yu, tried it out; all secrets are about to be revealed in this blog.

・Beef round cut 1 kg
・Sugar (or honey) 100g/10% of meat mass
・Salt 50g (5% of meat mass
・Black pepper 2g

【How to make】
① Take the meat out of the refrigerator. Rub sugar, salt and pepper respectively. Put the meat into a Ziploc and let it sit for 30 minutes in room temperature
Important! Rubbing sugar/honey before salt and sugar helps the meat absorb flavor and softens it ☺
② Roast the beef in the frying pan at high heat till the surface is nicely roasted
③ Place the beef in an oven at 150℃ for an hour until the meat is 60℃ on the inside
④ Make the sauce using the juice released from the meat and the seasoning used in①
⑤ Once roasted cut the meat into thin slices, pour the sauce ④ from top and you’re set to go!

Picture below is the roast beef attempt by our staff, Yu! It may look a little overcooked, but the taste was absolutely delicious. Some staff members ended up eating too much ☺

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