Five days of Spicy Lunch

Spice researcher, Kaori Toi, coming back after the last successful event! 5 days’ special lunch 10/1 to 10/5 at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA!



15th century, a period when different European powers set out on voyage; race for silk, gold, silver and so on. But, there was one thing every country was hungry for. SPICE. Back in the days, when there were no refrigerators, spices such as peppers were used to preserve meat. Also, it was believed that diseases were spread because of polluted air, so the doctors would wear masks with spices on the nose tip. Spices were also used for treatment for many illnesses.
In the days of voyages, European powers were fighting for spices, conquering foreign lands and treating the native people harshly. Unlike those days, now in 21st century, spices are still as important in our daily nutrition as before, but it has become easily accessible to everyone.
With all those benefits from consuming spices, and most importantly its only 1,000 yen, is there any reason to not come for this limited lunch offer?
Limited lunch for 5 days at WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA (Oct 10-Oct 12). Chef this time would be the very same person who collaborated with Namako Sensei for the curry event, the spice researcher, Kaori Toi.

Kaori Toi was born to a family that owned a restaurant in Saitama prefecture. With interests in food from the early age, she went to Sophia University and Kagawa Nutrition University. She learned about foreign food culture and went on to work at food products company. But, just two months before she started working, she faced a horrible left knee injury during heavy snowfall; resulting in an emergency surgery. Having asthma, the doctors warned her about the possible death situation due to the after-effects of the medication. One day she accidently came across a manga Spice and Medicine. Hearing that the medicines were of no use for her, she decided to try her luck through nutrition based on spices to cure her body. She began to spread the amazingness of the spices which for some had a negative image because of the spiciness. Till now she has been holding about 10 events each month. These events include cooking classes, lessons on spices at community centers, medicated wine; and also she sells some original spices in the Kansai region. For all those who may have forgotten the wonderful feeling of the spiciness, make sure to come to WOHS on 9/16.


October 1st: Mild curry using spices
(better metabolism with spices, skin beauty effect with tomatoes)

October 2nd: Special Boiled Pork Cuts
(with salt & pepper, and no sugar)

October 3rd: Tuna Omelette with Veggies
(Good for constipation, and also perfect for those who don’t get enough veggies)

October 4th: Cumin Hamburger Plater
(Spice that helps improve appetite)

October 5th: Beans & Bacon Risotto
(Rejuvenating combination of lemon and herbs)

※All servings w/ drink 1,000 yen ※Small daily special dessert(Pound cake, Gateau chocolat, Muffins, etc)plus 200 yen ※Drinks: Oolong Tea (ice/hot), Coffee (ice/hot), Orange juice

So if you want get spiced up, come to WOHS.

※Cash only

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