WOHS is on TokyoWalker Aug.!

Our regular international meetup event



Kumagaya city in Saitama, which is not far from Tokyo, has reached the highest heat on record (41.1 degree).
How are you guys surviving in this weather?
WOHS will have the 2nd Summer,0 and, in summer, there’s some exciting events in Japan like Fireworks and summer festivals. It’s really exciting isn’t it?
The magazine, TokyoWalker, introduces the up-to-date information on gourmet and trends in Tokyo.
Aaand the magazine also introduced our regular international meetup party!!

The August issue focuses on “New me”
The magazine published an article on our international regular meetup by Japan Local Buddy (JLB), which fascinate people in our hostel guests as well as from outside.
You can feel good vibes from the pictures they used in the magazine, and comments by the JLB representative, Mr. Omori, is worth reading too!
Speaking English may change your life!
So, please join the event if you’re interested!
Don’t worry! Our staff are more than happy to help you participate in the event even if you’re solo!

Online article is here

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