Chicken Yaro Night, Thursday May 31st

A unique personality who plays saxophone as well as makes delicious fried chicken, Daisuke Murakami, along with DJs ZAKIYAMA and Kazuhiko Asami, will turn up the hostel!



Love Karaage? Love music? This is the perfect event for you!
WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA will host Chicken Yaro event at the hostel lounge.
If you think it is the same karaage as any izakaya or a supermarket, you need to come check it out for yourself, and try the juiciest karaage you have ever had.
Appetizers menu also available.
500 yen drinks perfect for karaage like lemon sour, beer, etc; and make sure to not miss the live performance by the DJs ZAKIMYAMA and Kazuhiko Asami.


Chicken Yaro Representative, Daisuke Murakami
Saxophonists who are band members of Kunkun-nikoniko Kyowakoku, Don Martinez, SUSHI BALL, Yorurakorekara, supporting members for bands like LUCKY TAPES, Aragehonji, etc. Playing at events for friends or at a bar called 7th floor, they serve karaage as their specialty.

Hosting big events since 2012, such as 168 hours of DJ event called BIGJOINT TOKYO, Zakiyama started out as a DJ and an event organizer. Also he managed official DJ club of a certain advertising agency called “TEIONBU” and the event which is remembered by history of Ebisu BATICA, “HORROR BATICA” as resident DJ. He launched “PIG BEACH FES” which is homage of “BIG BEACH FES” which became a big hit. His DJ style is “HANSEI-DJ” which come and go between club scene and live scene and “BANZITAIOU-DJ” which deal with a variety of genre (HOUSE, HIP HOP, POPS etc…). He is in charge of back DJ of “Yamaguchi-DJ” and is also working as illustrator and painter of live. He has participated in “Afro&Co.” which Afromance (who launches the bubble party and Slide the City as party creator) leads. He surely is a DJ who involves his audience into his performance since October 2015.

DJ Kazuhiko Asami
A DJ/organizer who pumps up people’s heart. Kazuhiko started to work in Tokyo since 2006. He specializes in Deep House music but his music spreads over a wide variety of Hip hop, fusion, etc. Apart from DJing, he organizes events like Saturday Afternoon Party, as well as an event known as Burning Japan (Japanese version of a festival in Nevada, USA, Burning Man)

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